Rainforest Animals


Rainforests are most diverse and conglomerate forests in the world. There are a huge number of animals; all of which are different in size, color and shape. Rainforests are perfect place for a large number of different species because they give all of the animals a sufficient and good home. There are both water and dry surfaces; there are high and low tree’s, which all makes it perfect for a huge number of different animals.

One of the most interesting animals is a spider monkey. There are many various monkeys in rainforest, some of which are not discovered yet. The most approachable ones are:

  • Spider monkey
  • Tamarin monkey
  • Howler monkey
  • Capuchin monkey
  • Squirrel monkey
  • Marmosets monkey

Spider monkey lives in rainforests in Mexico, in the south side of Amazon river and some other places. Spider monkeys are named due to their long arms and legs. They also have a long tail, which they use while hunting for food. However, they do not use their tail the same way City monkeys use their tails.  These monkeys weight up to 24 pounds and live in large groups. These groups split during the day and reunite during the night. They hunt for food together. There are three spices of this kind of monkey:

  • The brown spider
  • The northern muriqui
  • The brown-headed

These monkeys are interesting also because they are considered to be most intelligent creatures in the rainforest.

Considering there are many species living on one ground, they had to adjust and learn to survive. Some are using their speed, others are using poison and some are using bright colors. Those who are using bright colors are mainly birds. They live high up on the tries mostly. They usually eat insects and other similar small animals. However, some birds eat snakes, snails, etc …  There are other birds, such as parrots who do not feed on animals, but on flowers, seeds etc… They have very strong peeks and the colors of their feathers are incredible. Some parrots have so many colors on them that it is hard to believe that is a natural color. There are huge parrots and there are those who are smaller in size. For parrot lovers, rainforests are the perfect place to go and see and explore most parrot spices.

Jesus Christ Lizard is a Basilisk lizard, which has a very interesting way of walking. It walks on water! Its legs are made that way that it can stay on the water and walk on it with out dropping in it. You can only find them in the Costa Rica rain forest, so if you want to see them, you should go visit Costa Rica. The females lay eggs and they do that in 3 separate places. When the little ones are born, they have such a good camouflage that if they stay still no one can find them. That is very helpful in a place where there are so many things that can go wrong. Basilisks eat small fruits, insects, snakes and such. They have very skinny body but big legs. There is a specific basilisk, Green Basilisk. It can run on water! The other basilisks cannot do that.



Rainforest animals are being endangered more and more because people are cutting trees and destroying their habitat. If people do not stop destroying rainforest animals’ habitat, they are in a serious danger of disappearing. That is a serious problem for us as that would mean that half of the animals of the world would disappear.